1. (Outlander Recap)


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  2. fuckyeahjanewaylizard:

    Janeway Lizard: Status Mr. Paris.

    Tom Lizard: We’re lizards ma’am

    Janeway Lizard: Understood. Now, lets make babies.

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    Monday Warehouse 13 panel at Dragoncon.

    Question: if the show continued, what would you have wanted to happen next?


    Eddie: Pete and Myka’s divorce. And then all the sudden I call her and I’m like, “Who’s there? Hey, who’s over there? Is that H.G.?!

    Jo: Yeah, it is.

    Eddie: *mimicking H.G./Jaime Murray* Come back to bed, darling.

    Actor mutiny is beautiful sometimes.

  4. confusedcatsagainstfeminism:

    Milo is the most senior cat in his household, but in reality, he is the sweetest, most unselfish kitty of them all. And his toe floof is truly magnificent.

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    Toe floof.

  5. davidtennantinplacesheshouldntbe:

    "Surprisingly okay"

    I don’t know why but this is making me laugh so hard right now.

  6. boiledleather:

    Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner attend HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ panel and Q&A during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego

    This is just too funny to me.

    They have best friend hair.

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  7. Pedro, Gwendoline and Nikolaj at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (x)

    "I think Brienne of Tarth does a lot of needlework now."

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  8. Hank Green: perhaps my favorite modern day philosopher.

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  9. claudiablacks:

    "There’s life out here, Dad.  Weird, amazing, psychotic life.  And, uh, in Technicolor."


  10. "You have to give props to Farscape for making their central love story a primary driving force of the plot, not a sideshow to “more important” action. There was no will-they-or-won’t-they drama for the show’s audience to agonize over either, something we can only hope more television will move away from in the future. I would argue that for all of Chris Carter’s protests, the insistence on keeping up tension between his FBI agents on The X-Files was something that practically ruined the series and many other strong shows besides. It’s boring, and the anticipation eventually becomes a bad game. What’s the problem with allowing love to be a central tenant of your show anyway? The idea that romance destroys all motivation toward action is genuinely goofy—there’s a honeymoon period and you get over it. Life still waits on the other side."