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    "There’s life out here, Dad.  Weird, amazing, psychotic life.  And, uh, in Technicolor."


  2. "You have to give props to Farscape for making their central love story a primary driving force of the plot, not a sideshow to “more important” action. There was no will-they-or-won’t-they drama for the show’s audience to agonize over either, something we can only hope more television will move away from in the future. I would argue that for all of Chris Carter’s protests, the insistence on keeping up tension between his FBI agents on The X-Files was something that practically ruined the series and many other strong shows besides. It’s boring, and the anticipation eventually becomes a bad game. What’s the problem with allowing love to be a central tenant of your show anyway? The idea that romance destroys all motivation toward action is genuinely goofy—there’s a honeymoon period and you get over it. Life still waits on the other side."
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  4. "

    So, since your company is currently engaging in seriously horrible behavior re: publishing companies, I want to know if I need to cancel this order of JK Rowling’s new book that I have had pre-ordered with your company for months now. Because if your dick behavior is going to cause me to not have that book for no other reason than your greed as a company, I would be happy to do so and purchase it elsewhere.

    In fact, I would also be happy to cancel all of my other pre-ordered items, and any items I would be ordering in the future.

    I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars at your company over the past 13 years, but your behavior as a company has threatened to turn my loyalty as a customer (who recommended you at all turns) to intense dislike.

    Whoever is reading this email, I apologize for the vitriol, and I’m sure you as an individual have nothing to do with these decisions your employer has made that are negatively affecting not only authors and the publishing industry, but your own customers as well. But I am extremely frustrated and honestly feel betrayed by all of this fuckery, and when I signed on to check the release date of The Silkworm and saw the item was no longer available, it was the last damn straw.

    Please let me know if I can expect my item on the promised date, or if you as a company have committed actions that mean I need to move my services elsewhere.

    — The text of the email I sent Amazon customer service last night. I kind of sort of can’t believe I actually sent it. And it will probably do no good whatsoever.
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    Alligator at the door. ding dong.
    Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior Godzilla? (via Funny LOL alligator and tapir pun. godzilla. urine danger. (2 pics) - OnlyFatRabbit)

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    House Stark


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    This is fucking amazing

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    I don’t ever talk about this because it’s SUPER HARD but my father considered himself an MRA. He blamed women for everything wrong in his life.

    He learned to hate and blame women the same way racism teaches people to hate and blame minorities.

    My mother saved us from his abuse but my father…

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    Enjoying bath


    The rabbit one!

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